Paradyll Productions
News for June 2009

Monday the 29th

Shooting for
RELAPSE FADE DISSOLVE commenced in the leafy borough of Ealing.
Despite conditions ranging from blistering sunshine to the odd rain shower,
a good day was had by all. Now to do it again tomorrow...

Saturday the 13th

RELAPSE FADE DISSOLVE, Paradyll's sixth film, will be their entry for a competition
set up by film composer Michael Nyman which allows independent filmmakers
to use Nyman music (taken from his score for Jane Campion's 'The Piano')
royalty free. The piece will be a highly aesthetic silent film with an oblique narrative,
offset by the preordained Nyman track.

CASCADE Poster [Copyright Paradyll Productions, 2009]
Monday the 1st

Post-production is now complete for CASCADE.

The film will be entered into a number of UK based film festivals this year and we are looking forward to screenings in the Fall. 
A film that was a long time in coming, the makers wish to thank all those who gave their time and talents to finally complete this difficult little beast.


CASCADE profiles a would-be writer who intends to kill himself by parking his automobile
over a railway line and waiting for a train to come. Only problem is, his flatmate has the car.

Going from th
e mean streets to the woods to kill time, The Writer falls in with The Beggar
and his friends who erupt into an impromptu play based on his scribblings,
tipping him closer to the edge .